Music For Your Plants – First Contact

Music for your Plants - First ContactFirst Contact is a track from the upcoming new Humanity EP by Music For Your Plants due for release in December via Zoology Records.

Music For Your Plants’ First Contact is a genre-bending exploration through tribal rhythms, midi-flutes, deep bass and 90s new age pads. It’s about discovering patterns and ancient artifacts that re-emerge in this digital age. Becoming fully aware of its total energy transformation might require more than one listen — you will know when your head begins to nod to the beat.

Music for your Plants is a group of producers from Tallinn, Estonia –  exotic capital of the 22nd century Europe — inspired by world and library music.

Their Humanity EP will be out end of November on Zoology Records as a digital download and in a limited edition run of USB creditcards.


1. First Contact
2. Earth Vision
4. Paramilitary

Track artwork design by V5MT —

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