Music For Your Plants – Humanity (EP OUT now!)

Music For Your Plants - Humanity 1000pxMicro bacteria, mammals, and all other bio-organic life forms on this globe; the living beings that we perceive as earthly are considered to have their origins right where we stand. But what if we told you the truth was more otherworldly than we could ever imagine?

Enter Humanity. Music For Your Plants envision a sterile balance of 90s muzak and world music. The sound arrangements explore the fringes of crypto archeology, unveiling connections between our ancestors, and visitors that have traveled billions of light years to reach Earth.

An affectionate meeting between these civilizations is taking place on First Contact, the opener of this new EP by MFYP. Tribal rhythms and futurist synth pads smoothly adjust to each other, demonstrating the best both worlds have to offer. On Earth Vision however, we hear a less favorable variety of humankind’s anatomy. The threatening war dubs and samples of disorganized wild life place the self-destructive behavior of men in a rather grim perspective. The lush harmonies on UNESCO depict a world heritage of ancient, biological and digital artifacts amidst exotic vegetation. When Paramilitary swiftly fades in, and choirs and bright bells welcome the listener, the journey arrives at an open-ended conclusion. Earth is an immense place, but the universe is much larger.

The expeditions into the unknown flora and fauna of earth and beyond are complemented by the visual pleasantries of V5MT. All audio and video files will be shipped on an USB card — €7,00. Or DOWNLOAD Humanity at BOOMKAT or BANDCAMP.


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